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Wednesday, July 14, 2021


Oh, yeah! I'm beyond thrilled that my short story will appear alongside great crime authors. Below is a repost of the announcement by Mystery Writers of America (with permission).


The Publications Committee of Mystery Writers of America is thrilled to announce the full list of contributors for the next MWA anthology, CRIME HITS HOME, edited by S.J. Rozan and forthcoming from HarperCollins in 2022. Ten MWA members earned a spot in the collection through an anonymous submission process, joining stories by 10 authors originally invited to contribute to the collection.

Congratulations to David Bart, Susan Breen, Tori Eldridge, Connie Johnson Hambley, G. Miki Hayden, Bonnie Hearn Hill, Alexandra Jamison, Steve Liskow, Neil Plakcy, and Jonathan Stone, whose stories will appear alongside those by Rozan and writers she personally chose to participate: Carolyn Hart, Naomi Hirahara, Gabino Iglesias, Renee James, Walter Mosley, Sara Paretsky, Gary Phillips, Jonathan Santlofer, and Ovidia Yu. 

“What was most exciting about the stories we received for the contest — and what made it so difficult for me and the judges to choose — was the variety of different ways the writers interpreted home,” said Rozan. “For some it was a physical place, for others a community, a family... Home is what you make of it, and these writers made wonderful work.” 

Judging for the anthology was done by a distinguished panel of these writers’ peers. Alex Segura of the MWA Publications Committee worked with judges Jonathan Brown, Brendan Dubois, Cheryl Head, Michael Nava, and Laura Joh Rowland, who read and selected stories from the anonymous submissions — difficult decisions given the quality of the writing submitted by so many other MWA members.

MWA adult anthologies are published each spring with a new guest editor. Rozan, Segura, and Laurie R. King, chair of the Publications Committee, are grateful to everyone who submitted a story this year and to everyone who has helped bring the project so far — and excited to present this book to mystery fans next spring! 

From the original call for submissions: “Safe at home — that feeling when you’re in your living room, your team’s stadium, your family’s Sunday dinner. But even here, in this safest of places, sometimes CRIME HITS HOME. What happens then?” 

"What was most exciting about the stories we received for the contest ... was the variety of different ways the writers interpreted home.” -SJ Rozan 


Naomi Hirahara, “Grand Garden” 

* David Bart, “The World’s Oldest Living Detective” 

Sara Paretsky, “Little House in the Big Woods” 

* Susan Breen, “Banana Island” 

Gary Phillips, “Flip-top” 

* Neil Plakcy, “Oyster Creek” 

Renee James, “Stalking Adolf” 

* Connie Johnson Hambley, “Currents” 

Gabino Iglesias, “What They Knew” 

* Alexandra Jamison, “Haunted Home on the Range” 

Walter Mosley, “Not Exit” 

* Tori Eldridge, “Missing on Kaua’i” 

Carolyn Hart, “Calling Mr. Smith” 

* G. Miki Hayden, “Forever Unconquered” 

Jonathan Santlofer, “Private Dancer” 

* Jonathan Stone, “The Relentless Flow of the Amazon” 

Ovidia Yu, “Live Pawns” 

* Bonnie Hearn Hill, “The Happy Birthday Song” 

* Steve Liskow, “Jack in the Box” 

SJ Rozan, “Playing for Keeps” 

* indicates stories chosen from anonymous submissions